Our values – Human Dignity, Compassion, Respect, Quality, Advocacy
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Our Mission

Through service, advocacy and education, Mercy Hospice Auckland is committed to ensuring that all those in our community needing palliative care, receive it with the utmost professional skill and respect.

Our Values

We express our Mission through these values:

Tapu o te tangata

Dignity draws us to acknowledge that each person is unique, knowing that they come to us with rich histories of their own. We respond to each ones physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. We honour the cycle of life and death.


Compassion compels us to support one another patients, families, whanau, friends, staff, volunteers and colleagues. We are in this together.


Respect commits us to uphold the autonomy of each person and their community. We value one anothers cultures and beliefs. We honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Mahi rangatira

Quality demands excellence in care and compels us to share our professional knowledge in partnership with our related healthcare providers and other Mercy facilities. We are committed to continuous improvement and we strive to exceed expectations.

Aroha ki te rawa kore

Advocacy challenges us to ensure that there is equity of access to services for all in our community. It insists that patients have a voice to speak for them when necessary.


Stewardship calls us to honour the Mercy heritage and ethos entrusted to all who are involved in the governance, management and operational life of the hospice. Stewardship also demands responsible use of all our resources, - financial, human and environmental.

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