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February 2018 Newsletter Cover Letter

Lynne's Appeal

"I was very shocked, devastated when my doctor told me the news. I knew there was something wrong with me, but I didn’t think it was going to be that bad. Everything in my life was about to change"....
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February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018

A day in the life of a palliative nurse.
A small way of giving back to Mercy.
Community Palliative Nurse recognised...
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Novembner 2017 Newsletter

November 2017

Jorja Loftin's mother died earlier this year. She reflects on what it was like to experience her Mum's journey living with a terminal illness....
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August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017

After various tests to exclude various conditions it was only when they suggested that Mike have a colonoscopy the primary tumour was found. "Mike was in utter and total disbelief" ...
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Anne’s Story

Anne’s Story

"I have a rare kind of cancer called Epithelioid Trophoblastic Tumour, which was diagnosed in 2013. Unlike most common cancers it has no standard treatment plan....
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Marilyn’s Story

Marilyn’s Story

"It all started when I was feeling sick and dizzy. I began falling over and had upset bowels. The ambulance came a couple of times...The pain makes me really weak. It gives me headaches & I feel dizzy.”
Please donate to support people like Marilyn live pain-free...
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February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017

Liz Minter, with Finch, was devastated at age 48 to be diagnosed with bone cancer. She spent three weeks at Mercy Hospice’s Inpatient Unit for pain & symptom control...
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November Newsletter 2016

November 2016

Paul Willis’ (Paulie) first experience of being given dignity and respect was at the Mercy Hospice Auckland inpatient unit while he was dying from liver cancer. The 55-year-old, who was made a ward of the state at age 12, had spent most of his life on the streets...
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August newsletter 2016

August 2016

Karen Bampton, has cancer and a life-long fear of choking. Mercy Hospice provided a safe place where she knew she’d never be alone. “The minute I got wheeled in here I honestly felt like something had lifted off my shoulders and I had come home to peace. And I’ve never looked back since.” ....
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May newsletter 2016

May 2016

Philip accepts help and finds good friends - It wasn’t easy for Philip Reid to ask others for help and, at first, he was not keen to be cared for in his home by nurses. However, once he met community Nurses Kelle Smith and Lucy Meldrum, he soon changed his mind....
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February newsletter

February 2016

For eight years, 72 year-old James O'Warn has filled Mercy Hospice with the beautiful and melodic sound of piano music. Giving his time voluntarily, James has played the piano and brought joy and happiness to hundreds of staff and patients...
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May newsletter

November 2015

Meeting Tanya Cassidy, you wouldn't know she has terminal cancer. The bubbly and attractive 49-year-old has a warm, engaging personality and speaks frankly about her life experiences. The former model was once crowned Miss Aotearoa and travelled overseas with her career. She's also a mother to three children...
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May newsletter

August 2015

When Alene Jones' husband David was diagnosed with an end stage brain tumour, you could be forgiven for thinking that Alene would have a good understanding of what the road ahead might look like. After all, Alene herself had previously been through her own battle with Stage Four cancer but had been given the all clear more than twelve years before David’s diagnosis...
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May newsletter

May 2015

It's hard to imagine what a young boy from post-World War Two Lithuania, who came to New Zealand with his family via an Austrian refugee camp, would have thought of his new temporary home in Pahiatua. But that’s where George Peciulaitis and his family were first settled when they arrived on these shores in the early 1950s ...
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February newsletter

February 2015

As a strong female role model in the Hosking family it was a shock when Teina was diagnosed with cancer. As her illness progressed Teina’s family rallied around her...
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November newsletter

November 2014

It was the Christmas present no parent ever wants to receive, To be told the devastating news that your son has an aggressive form of incurable cancer...
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August newsletter

August 2014

I first met Scruff at hospice, following a phone call from staff asking if I could come in and work with someone who was an artist, because we spoke the same "language"...
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May newsletter

May 2014

worth within them, so it will come as little surprise that John knows all 500 students by name. As a retired nurse, Bronwen is well versed in the Hospice philosophy, and although hesitant initially...
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Feb newsletter

Feb 2014

“I always remember Dad playing some sort of instrument. As a carpenter he had access to many tools, his favourite was playing the saw. It seemed so normal then, but really is quite funny now when you think about it,” laughs Jan...
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May newsletter

Nov 2013

When John Harris set eyes on Noelene Scott for the first time it was love at first sight. They were just 19 years of age. John was a penniless musician, she was training to be a nurse...
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May newsletter

Aug 2013

Nick Rosenberg has an insatiable curiosity to know how others make sense of the world.
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May newsletter

May 2013

"Happiness" and "Hospice" are two words that some people may not think go hand-in-hand.Hospice patient Gloria Corles certainly is far from being unhappy. In fact, she is very much enjoying the comfort of her accommodation in Mercy's In-Patient Unit (IPU).
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Dec newsletter

February 2013

Tom Finlayson, Marcia’s partner for 35 years, joked with her that she wouldn’t have the satisfaction of seeing him hit 70. He was 69 when the love of his life succumbed to cancer.
“Right up until her death, Marcia’s intellect and passion for learning didn’t falter,” says Tom, “She was halfway through her PhD when her health took a turn for the worse.”
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Nov newsletter

November 2012

Of Rarotongan descent, Angela, often accommodates family from overseas in her Auckland home. Most recent guest was mum Bernice.
A cancer patient of two years, Angela’s health deteriorated in August and she was admitted to Mercy’s inpatient unit for symptom control and to manage her pain. With limited mobility, Angela thought her days of entertaining had come to an end. But that would all change.
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May newsletter

August 2012

You have probably already foreseen the choice made by the hero of our story, who does not yet fully recognise he is a hero.
He marries a lovely young woman a few years his junior and they have some wonderful years together. They try for a long while to have a child and, after much heartache, when the child finally comes, he too is wonderful. They call him Daniel and he is his father’s joy. Our hero, however, is on a journey that is set to test his every strength and capacity for life, not only once and severely, but many times over.
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May newsletter

May 2012

For the l ast 3 years Katie McGregor has worked as a palliative care nurse at Mercy Hospice Auckland and is currently working in the community palliative care team. These healthcare professionals visit people with a life-limiting illness in their own homes to provide specialist care. "I love this work. People think of palliative care as being an imminent thing, but actually it's not. The people I visit have a lot of living to do yet." ...
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February newsletter

February 2012

As Sue served customers, dusted and re-stocked shelves at the Ponsonby Hospice Shop little did
she realise she would soon be hugely reliant on the very charity she was volunteering for.
"My illness went undetected for a long time which was most unsettling for me and my family. Once I was finally diagnosed with a tumour in my throat it was at stage four and unable to be operated on." ...
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November newsletter

November 2011

Sophia is Marc's daughter, now five years old. She was just three when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.
"She was too young to understand what was truly going on and I remember so clearly her saying, 'What's wrong with my Daddy?' Recently Sophia said to me, 'It's sad you're in a wheelchair but it doesn't matter because you're still my Dad'. That was incredibly hard to hear but I focus on the positive, spending time with her, my step-son Jordan (17), my wife Rachelle and of course, my friends."...
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August newsletter

August 2011

Twenty five people travelled to Dublin in April, but only one other New Zealander, Puamiria Maaka, from the Te Waipuna Puawai organisation based in Ellerslie. The remainder were Australians and all were tightly connected by the courage, drive and determination of the Sisters of Mercy to assist marginalised families, educate young people and provide healthcare...
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May newsletter

May 2011

"... that's Hospice isn't it - they care for everyone"
Sir Peter Siddell has a special gift. I'm not talking about his immense artistic talent to capture such things as sunlight spilling through an open door. I'm talking about his ability to make you feel as if you have known him all your life...
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February newsletter

February 2011

Our Strawberry Angel.
Moana is one of the current recipients of our Community Nursing Service. As well as coming regularly to our Opening Doors programme. Moana tells us that she finds Jane and the community team of nurses,'really friendly'...
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December newsletter

December 2010

Attending to both body & soul
For years I have known of the remarkable care that Mercy Hospice offers people. As a priest, I have witnessed that care many times, as I have visited patients there...
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August newsletter

August 2010

Stuart's Motivation Close To Home.
When Stuart Anderson made the decision to enter the 2011 Speights Coast to Coast, a gruelling multi-sport event where participants run 36km, cycle 140km and kayak 67km from one side of the South Island to the other, he decided to not only do it for himself, but also for his Aunty Minnie...
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May newsletter

May 2010

We often jest about how words become 'lost in translation', but sometimes that translation is the very oppostite of funny. When the word 'hospice' is translated literally into Chinese, it means 'death bed'. You can imagine how distraught Baixing was when his trusted family doctor suggested it was time to make contact with 'hospice' regarding his wife Deming.
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February newsletter

February 2010

Marilyn Holt or Minnie, as she is better known, is as sharp as a tack. While she may not be able to speak as a result of her condition, her mind is active, aware and acutely tuned into what is happening around her. Minnie is open, friendly, highly intelligent and courageous; unselfish, grateful, never complains, an inspiration and so much in love...
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December newsletter

December 2009

Firsthand experience stirred a desire to give back - Volunteering for Hospice can be motivated by any number of reasons. For Di Goldsworthy it was firsthand experience of Hospice and their involvement with both her father and mother that stirred a desire to give back....
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August newsletter

August 2009

Race for life - A load of generosity and tremendous spirit from sponsors and volunteers meant twenty-five patients and their caregivers spent a day zooming around Pukekohe Park Raceway at high speeds and having an experience they will never forget...
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February newsletter

April 2009

The success of Mercy Hospice Auckland (originally St Joseph’s Hospice) which opened in August 1979 gave impetus for more hospices to be established in the Auckland region, particularly during the 1980s ...
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February newsletter

February 2009

Some things are certain. The need for hospice and palliative care services will only continue to grow. We know this because referral numbers continue to increase and more people need our beds ...
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