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A Gift in your Will

Your bequest will make a difference

Another way of supporting Mercy Hospice Auckland is by remembering us in your Will. Your gift, whether large or small, will make a difference to the lives of many now and into the future, helping people to live until they die.

Bequests left to Mercy Hospice Auckland are of enormous benefit to our on-going palliative care service. They help us to plan and fund our long term programmes with greater confidence, ensuring that future generations of Aucklanders will have access to high quality, professional hospice services.

The demand for our specialist palliative care services increases every year as our population grows and ages. By remembering Mercy Hospice in your Will you will help to ensure our services remain free of charge to people in need. Your gift will enable us to continue to care for people in your community well beyond your lifetime

If not otherwise designated, bequests are invested in the Mercy Hospice Auckland Foundation. Every year, interest from this fund contributes directly to the funding of our specialist palliative care service to the community of Auckland.

Your Will and its benefits

Your Will is a unique and clear record of how you want your possessions, property and your money, (your assets) to be distributed when you die.

A signed, correctly worded Will brings peace of mind knowing that you have remembered your loved ones, as well as the charities you choose to support after your death.

How do I make a Will?

As a Will is a legal document we strongly recommend you seek professional assistance from a solicitor or a trustee company such as Perpetual Guardian or Public Trust to ensure that your wishes are clearly and correctly recorded.

Advisors recommend that you review your Will every 5 years or so in case your circumstances and/or intentions change. Your review is an ideal time to add an amendment to include a wonderful gift of hospice care for another person.

If you choose to remember Mercy Hospice Auckland in your Will, here is some suggested wording for your Will;

"I give to Mercy Hospice Auckland, 61 College Hill Ponsonby the sum of $..................or (% of my estate, or the residue of my estate, or a description of assets or property) for general purposes, for which the receipt of the Chief Executive or other proper officer, shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees."

Heartfelt thanks

We extend our heartfelt thanks to those who have included a Gift in their Will to Mercy Hospice Auckland. We would be very grateful if you would let us know that you have made this commitment as we would like to thank you for your valuable gesture.

We appreciate that a Will is a very private document and assure you that your gift to Mercy Hospice will be kept strictly confidential, unless otherwise stated by you.

Further information

If you would like more information on how Mercy Hospice Auckland bequests are managed and the impact your gift could make, please contact our Planned Giving Officer, Anne Wright.

Download a PDF version of the Mercy Hospice Bequest brochure here »

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