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A tenor's worth - for free

British tenor Paul Potts brought tears to the eyes of 60 patients of Mercy Hospice in Auckland when he dropped in on their afternoon social and unexpectedly gave a hearty performance of an aria - about triumph against the odds.

The 43-year-old former cellphone salesman is in Auckland ahead of an eight-city national concert tour, which starts at the Civic Theatre on Saturday night and goes on to Rotorua on Sunday.

He was making a return visit to the hospice.

The last was soon after winning the 2007 Britain's Got Talent series, when his rendition of Nessun dorma brought the judges to their feet.

One hospice patient said: "He is so gracious and lovely."

Asked if he had improved since 2007, Potts said: "I think I have improved a fair bit and I hope I continue to do so."

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