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Tongariro Challenge Fundraiser

At the end of November TerraNova Homes & Care staff will take place in the company's first annual TerraNova Homes & Care charity and cultural event. Forty staff will walk the treacherous Tongariro Alpine Crossing for a very good cause. The team are raising funds for their local hospices, while also taking the opportunity to immerse themselves in Maori culture and learn more about tangata whenua.

Part of this forty strong team work at Jervois Residential Care, just up the road from Mercy Hospice Auckland.

The team will be raising funds for Mercy Hospice Auckland in a variety of ways including:

  • Trade Me Auctions (bid on them here and here)
  • Cultural Events with residents and families
  • Collecting donations through their Give-a-little page

There are four goals that TerraNova have set out to achieve:

  • Cultural Diversity – From residents and families to staff, residential care is a truly multi-cultural experience. This trip will have a strong focus on Maori culture and diversity to emphasize the importance of delivering culturally appropriate care.
  • Team Building – Staff ranging from caregivers to the board of directors will come together as equal. Great care can only be delivered by a skilled team working together.
  • Wellness – Promote a healthy lifestyle among staff.
  • Charity – Raise a minimum of $8,000 for the five local hospices.
  • This is a wonderful initiative and we encourage you to get behind the team at TerraNova and support them with their fundraising by using the links above.

    If you would like to achieve something similar to this in your work place please contact the Fundraising Team on (09) 361 5966 and we will be happy to support you.

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