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WEAR SHORTS FOR HOSPICE on the shortest day of the year, Wednesday 21st June 2017.

Get your friends and workmates together and have some fun wearing shorts, while supporting a great cause.


Whether you wear your finest walk shorts and sock combo, your best beach boardies, or your high fashion stunners, be a part of our first “Shorts for Hospice” day.


Shorts for Hospice is your chance to raise money by having some fun with what you wear on Wednesday 21st June 2017. Businesses, schools, and individuals are challenged to throw away their inhibitions and wear their liveliest and most outrageous shorts for one day for Mercy Hospice. The event will challenge people to have fun, to celebrate and make the most of every day.


It’s really easy to get involved.

Just register your organisation online and we will send you a free information pack that includes flyers, stickers and ideas to make Shorts for Hospice a day of outrageous fun. Because let’s face it…. Life is SHORT – shorter still for those in our care SO we are encouraging you to live every moment. Once the pack arrives let everyone know that your organisation is supporting Shorts for Hospice on Wednesday 21st June 2017. On the day ask everyone to wear their finest walk shorts and sock combo, their best beach boardies or their high fashion stunners and have some fun with shorts while supporting a great cause.

As well as loads of laughs supporting a great community cause Shorts Day is documented online through Facebook and Twitter to celebrate participation and share photos of your creative shorts.

How much does it cost?


$250 – less than 20 employees
$250 + an appropriate donation – more than 20 employees
Donation – Individuals & Schools

Donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued on request


Fancy ditching your normal school uniform to wear a pair of shorts on Wednesday 21st June 2017? Teachers and students are challenged to wear shorts in support of Mercy Hospice Auckland. Register your school and ask everyone who participates to donate a gold coin to Hospice.

On Shorts Day collect donations and give a sticker to everyone wearing shorts! Why not add some other fun events on the day; a fashion parade in assembly, or a special awards ceremony during class. Put some house points up for grabs for the class that gets behind shorts day the most. IF your school is on Facebook or Twitter, don’t forget to ‘Like’ us and ‘Tweet’ to let us know what you are doing. Use #Shorts4Mercy


Shorts Day is a fantastic way to involve your staff, suppliers and clients. Challenge another corporate; get them to register and see if you can outdo them with your organisations loudest, proudest, brightest and biggest shorts.

There are lots of ways your organisation can get involved.

  • Promote Shorts Day to your client database: tell them you are supporting Hospice and give them details on how they can register.
  • Challenge the completion: challenge another corporate – get them to register and see if you can out-do them with your organisations loudest, proudest, brightest & biggest shorts.
  • Challenge different teams within your organisation: get the managers to compete with staff, or challenge your competitors. Real estate agents could challenge other agents and lawyers could challenge other lawyers. Post your challenge on our Facebook Page (link to Mercy Hospice Auckland Facebook Page)
  • Wear your Shorts Day sticker: proudly display your sticker in support of Hospice.
Resources to make the most of Shorts Day for Hospice.

Shorts Bunting
DL Flyer
A3 Poster
Best Dressed Female Certificate
Best Dressed Male Certificate
Most Original Shorts
Shorts for Hospice Signature


If you have any questions or would like to contact the Shorts for Hospice team, please contact Kahu Iupati on 09 376 7579 or