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Friends of Mercy

Friends of Mercy is an independent charitable trust supporting Mercy Hospice. It was founded by a group of passionate, like-minded volunteers who have each been personally touched by the hospice.

These incredible friends have a wealth of fundraising experience, a wide range of business skills and networking abilities, and a desire to raise funds to directly assist the unique, dignified and compassionate patient care which makes Mercy Hospice so very special to so many people.

“The board, staff and especially our patients are very grateful to Friends of Mercy for volunteering their time and raising funds to support the care of Mercy Hospice patients. Their desire to support the works of Mercy Hospice, is reflected by the hands in their logo which is inspired by the Claddagh ring. The central motif, the heart, reflects the core essence of Mercy Hospice, the Friend’s passion for this cause and their desire to “raise funds for the heart of hospice”, namely patient care. Thank you, Friends of Mercy for your kind and warm-hearted generosity”.

Dr Arthur Morris, Board Chair.

If you would like to know more about Friends of Mercy or get involved yourself, please visit

This page has been set up to profile the wonderful work done by Friends of Mercy. As mentioned in our latest newsletter, the Houspice Project is the ingenious idea to build and sell a new three-bedroom house and donate the much-needed funds to Mercy Hospice.

But it doesn’t stop there.  The Friends of Mercy team are working to reduce the cost price of this house even further by reaching out to their many contacts to donate goods to the house. Each donated item will reduce the final cost of the house and increase the return to Mercy Hospice. Inspirational work. We look forward to bringing you more updates in due course.