Nelson Madoka

“Caring for others. That’s been engraved in everything I do.”

Nelson Madoka, one of Mercy Hospice’s most active supporters, shares what fuels his passion for fundraising.

One of the things that stuck with Nelson early on in life was the value of sharing. Back in Zimbabwe in the village he grew up in, Nelson would crush up lollies and share with his mates, so there was enough for all. ”Caring for others. That’s been engraved in everything I do”. And then, more recently, Nelson’s motivation for caring became more personal.

“Last year a friend died of cancer. She was only 42. This added a different meaning for me about what hospice does for people. That really gave me the drive to complete the race. She was really looked after, so I understand what an amazing thing Mercy does. I just do my little bit. That’s part of what you do.”

Fundraising for Mercy Hospice has always been a joy for Nelson. “Mercy has such a positive reputation in the community, and this makes my job as a fundraiser easy! You do amazing work for people that are at a vulnerable stage in their lives, so anything supporters do will make a big difference.”

“Mercy has such a positive reputation in the community and this makes my job as a fundraiser easy!”

And, finally, how can others be inspired from Nelson’s success at raising funds for Mercy Hospice?

“People are afraid to ask for things, especially money. But when I ask, it’s not for me, it’s for others. That’s how I remove the fear of asking. It’s such a great feeling knowing that I’m helping others. Whether you’re a volunteer or a donor, you’ll find a way to give that suits you. I just want to thank Mercy Hospice for the amazing work you do.”

You can make a difference, just like Nelson. For more information on fundraising for Mercy contact our friendly team on 0800 888 474 or [email protected]

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