I’ve been an active volunteer in various roles over the years, but this ticks all the boxes.

Firstly, Debbie Stevens (Volunteer Co-ordinator) is at the helm, steering with aptitude, availability, and authenticity.

Then, Raissa Bogomoltz (Manaaki Group Facilitator) orchestrates with empathy and enthusiasm.

We gather each Tuesday morning in an assigned room in the Hospice. Outpatients and Inpatients (who are able) attend this fun-filled, two-hour session of connection with others, movement to music and amazing refreshments.

I love that we work as a team with the same goal in sight, yet we are still able to retain our autonomy. As we serve patients and their loved ones, we are literally providing Manaaki (to cherish/sustain) these precious souls in our care. Lifting their spirits, lifts mine. It truly is a small ‘taste’ of Heaven here on earth.

“Being part of the volunteer group at Mercy has been ‘pure joy’ for me. ”

Julie Upton

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