Important information for VISITORS to Mercy Hospice

Keeping your loved ones safe

Maintaining your loved ones’ wellbeing, health and safety is an integral part of our mission to provide the best palliative care to all patients at Mercy Hospice. The following visitor protocols are aligned with the requirements of New Zealand’s COVID Protection Framework. Cooperating with these protocols will help us continue to deliver on our mission.

Please share this information with any potential visitors to Mercy Hospice.

  • You must wear a mask before entering the building, and this must remain in place at all times. 
  • You must complete a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) onsite and obtain a negative result before you are permitted to enter the building. 
  • Your body temperature will be recorded before you are allowed inside the building. 
  • Remember to scan the QR code within your contact tracer app on your phone. 
  • You will need to sign-in using our electronic tablet computer. Help is available at Reception if you need it with signing in. 
  • Pets may enter, as long as they are under the control of a visitor. 
  • Up to five named visitors are allowed, of which only 2 visitors are permitted in the room at any one time, and one person may stay overnight. 
  • During the last hours of life, up to five named visitors are allowed, of which only 3-4 visitors are permitted in the room at any one time depending on room size/space, and one person may stay overnight.
  • The Visitor Lounge is regrettably closed to ensure maximum health and safety measures are observed. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • To ensure maximum health and safety measures are maintained, please remain in patient rooms during your stay and avoid corridors except when entering or leaving.
  • For admission to IPU from home or hospital, your nurse or doctor will inform you and arrange with you the necessary covid testing requirements prior to admission.
  • For patients leaving the IPU temporarily: Patients may leave for Auckland City Hospital appointments (ACH), however, they must ensure they travel directly to and from Auckland City Hospital without any diversions or changes to their journey.

Q. What if I forget my mask, mobile phone, vaccine pass?
A. A supply of masks will be on hand at reception, however we recommend wearing your own.

Q. Do you offer virtual visiting by zoom?
A. Yes, portable video conferencing equipment is available for you to connect remotely with loved ones. This is available on request within any of the rooms in the IPU.  

Q. Is the Manaaki Programme going ahead in person?
A. Unfortunately, this is unable to go ahead physically, however, an online programme has been going ahead since Feb 28 and will continue in this fashion until further notice.

If you need to speak with one of our friendly team, please call 0800 888 474.

Thank you for your cooperation and following the visitor protocols outlined on this page. Together we can minimise transmission and ensure your loved ones’ health and wellbeing is maintained.