We care for the whole person

Most Mercy Hospice patients receive specialist palliative care in their own environment — whether that be at home, in a rest home or in hospital level care — and will never need to be admitted to our Inpatient Unit. This is the main reason why the entire Auckland District Health Board region can be serviced by one relatively small Inpatient Unit

We care for the whole person. Not just their physical needs, but also their emotional, spiritual, and social needs. Patients in our Inpatient Unit, and their family and friends, are cared for by a team of specialist palliative care doctors and nurses. They also have access to the wider multi-professional Hospice team which includes psychotherapists, an occupational therapist, a spiritual care worker and a social worker

Caring for your loved one means going beyond just physical and medical support and considering their emotional and spiritual well-being. A huge part of this is you – you are important to them, so you are important to us too. We are here to give you all the help, support, and advice you need during your loved one’s illness.

Thinking to the future, when you do lose a loved one, we are still here. Offering counselling and bereavement services, which are all provided by trained therapists, our door is always open whenever you need us.

Come and visit us

If you would like a tour of our facilities and to chat over a cup of tea? We would be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have.


High Quality Information

Patients and the public are right to expect that  Mercy Hospice maintains records on its activities, and the decisions that affect their health, and do so in an exemplary manner.

The records include information about your health and any care or treatment you have received. This could be, for example, tests and scans, x-rays, or letters to and from hospice staff.

These records can be written on paper, held on a computer or both.

Recording this information allows health and social care professionals to work with one another more effectively, which supports us to look after you better.

High quality information underpins the delivery of high quality care.

The hospice will not share your personal health information with people, such as a relative or friend, without your permission.

Sometimes the law allows us to share your information without your permission, for example to investigate a serious crime or to protect a child.

If you are concerned about your information being shared please speak to a member of our staff.