Creating space for friendly, social, non-clinical environment

Manaaki (day programme) is delivered in a group setting, so that patients and their whānau can connect with others who share similar experiences, creating space for friendly, social, non-clinical environment. The programme offers a series of discussion, support and information-based groups. Some of the topics covered in the programme are ‘Living with Reduced Energy’, ‘Advanced Care Planning’ and ‘Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster’. Lunch is provided at each session and whānau or support person(s) are also invited to attend.  

To complement the Manaaki Programme, Manaaki Active offers gentle exercise sessions for patients and their whānau. It provides the opportunity to explore safe and enjoyable ways to keep moving within your limitations. Under the guidance of physio and occupational therapists Manaaki Active includes activities such as seated yoga, Tai Chi, weights and movement to music.  


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