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Invest in yourself!

The Learning and Development team at Mercy Hospice are committed to collaboratively building a broad range of knowledge, skills and capability to a wide range of clinical and non-clinical professionals in palliative care practice. 

We aim to do this by providing a variety of blended learning plans comprising of experiential face to face workshops and interactive E-learnings.  

Our learning plans strive to not only build skills and confidence across networks but also to support a shared care approach in whatever setting it is needed.

If you would like to learn more about the workshops and E-learnings we offer, please explore the Mercy Hospice Learning Zone by clicking here.

Can I transfer my registration over to same workshop, but another date advertised?2020-09-10T14:01:41+12:00

If you have notified us 5 working days (48hrs for the HNZ Syringe Driver Competency Programme) prior to the workshop date, you may transfer your registration over to the same workshop depending on available places.


If you wish to cancel from a workshop after payment has been received, a full refund will be given, providing notification (via email to [email protected] ) is received 5 working days before the workshop date*

*For the HNZ Syringe Driver Competency Programme, 48hrs notice is sufficient.

How do I pay?2020-09-09T15:01:46+12:00

You can pay by credit card via the Learning Zone.

Please note we require payment upon registration to the workshop date.

If I register for a workshop and do not turn up on the day, can I get a refund?2020-09-09T15:03:49+12:00

If you have not notified us 5 working days (48hrs for the HNZ Syringe Driver Competency Programme) prior to the workshop date we do not give a refund. You are still expected to pay for your place on the workshop.

If I register for a workshop and cannot attend what do I do?2020-09-10T14:02:04+12:00
Please email the Learning and Development Team: [email protected]
Can I park in Mercy Hospice grounds?2020-09-01T10:05:11+12:00
Car parking onsite is only available for patients and their visitors, we suggest you either carpool, be dropped off, or use public transport.

“I learnt about the concept of ‘Total Pain’ and how it takes a team approach to manage.” Tom – Community Pharmacist 

“Very useful discussion about grief and how people have different rituals and ways of coping. Not often talked about, safe space for us to ask questions and share, thank you.” Jane – Community Pharmacist 

HNZ Fundamentals of Palliative Care for Pharmacists , Community Pharmacists

I have learned what is the right way to respond to the questions of residents/family of the dying person.” Sally – Healthcare assistant 

“I didn’t know that in the last days of life you stop eating or drinking.” Cat – Health Care assistant 

“Touch is really important.” Amrit – Health Care assistant 

Practical Cares of the dying person for health care assistants , Healthcare assistants
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