Grow your donations by up to 48% without paying a single cent. 

Your desire to help Mercy Hospice provide all Aucklanders with free palliative care just got a welcome boost thanks to our collaboration with TaxGift. And all you have to do is fill out a short form and let the team at TaxGift do the rest.

It’s simple. All charitable donations attract tax credits and by donating these back to Mercy, your original gift works even harder for the cause you love.

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What do I do?

Complete this short online form. This opts you in for all donations to Mercy Hospice for this tax year until you choose to stop, and the team at TaxGift work with Mercy Hospice and Inland Revenue to do the rest. Best of all, each gift goes on giving through the years until a minimum of $5 is reached, without you having to do anything further.

Plus, if you haven’t claimed your tax credit on donations to us in the past four years, simply tick the box on the form when you sign up and the team at TaxGift will claim them as a further gift to us from you: making a meaningful difference to people facing life-limiting illnesses is that simple.


Wait, is there really nothing for me to pay? Correct, you pay nothing more. Mercy Hospice pays TaxGift a small fee for its services.

How does this impact my accountant? Signing up to TaxGift appoints TaxGift as your tax agent solely for the purpose of gifting your tax credits back to Mercy Hospice. And rest easy, choosing to TaxGift does not affect any other tax agents that you might have (for example, if you have an accountant who does your tax returns).

Are there any special conditions I need to satisfy? You must be an individual New Zealand tax resident who has earned taxable income in the relevant tax year to be eligible for the tax credit and you can opt out of TaxGift at any time by emailing their friendly team. Visit the TaxGift website for more information.

Click here to taxgift