Will I die at the hospice?

Some people are admitted to the hospice for care in the final stages of their illness. However, many go home again after an admission to sort out a problem We acknowledge how important the comfort of home and the presence of family members can be to a person facing a life limiting illness. The hospice

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Why are people admitted to the hospice?

Patients usually come in for one of two reasons: Management of a problem such as pain, or other troublesome symptoms. When this is attended to, most patients go home again, but can be readmitted to the hospice later if the problem recurs or there is need as their illness progresses. Care in the final stages.

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Is there a charge for hospice care?

No. The hospice offers community and inpatient care at no charge to patients. The hospice receives part funding of its services from the Auckland District Health Board but needs to raise over 4 million annually to provide a full hospice service. Donations towards the cost of care are always welcome.

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