Mercy Matters Oct 2023

Continuing the Bond

Continuing the Bond "We don’t ‘move on’ after our loved one passes, but rather we ‘move forward with them’. " - Susan CainGrief is highly individual and there’s no one-size-fits-all model. While it used to be thought that grief was a linear process, it’s now accepted that it’s not that simple. Continuing

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Nelson Madoka’s Story

“Caring for others. That’s been engraved in everything I do.” Nelson Madoka, one of Mercy Hospice’s most active supporters, shares what fuels his passion for fundraising. One of the things that stuck with Nelson early on in life was the value of sharing. Back in Zimbabwe in the village he grew up

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10 – A Celebration of Tastes

Earlier this year, supporters came together for Mercy Hospice at 10 – A Celebration of Tastes. The magnitude of kindness and generosity on display was truly inspirational. On June 11, over 400 people celebrated New Zealand cuisine and wine to continue the care for those living with life-limiting illnesses. The result? Over $500K raised!!

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Jo Yearsley’s Story

Bonnie Yearsley passed in April 2001 after a 7-month battle with Oesophageal Cancer. It never occurred to me that my Mum might die at just 53 and I was only 24. It was a complete shock. Mum opted for the most aggressive treatment to give her the best chance of survival and this meant

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