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Lights to Remember 2022

At sunset on 1 December, this year’s Lights to Remember once again burst into life in the grounds of Mercy Hospice, giving hundreds of people the opportunity to dedicate a light and leave messages to their loved ones. And what a difference with last year’s launch when all that was possible was a video

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Your Fundraising Activity Update

Marathon runner, Ultra Marathon Runners, Sausage Sizzlers, Haberdashery lovers, Skydivers, it’s all in the latest fundraising activity update for 2022. Leap for Life Take a bow Jorge, Antonia, and Kristina for your incredible bravery. On Saturday 8 October all three made their Leap for Life at 200km/h! Thanks to

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Game, lunch, and laughs at Tennis for Mercy 2022

On Friday 4 November, Tennis for Mercy went ahead under beautiful blue skies and a hot summer sun and raised an absolutely smashing $22,000! 90 players and non-players enjoyed a fun-filled day of good-natured doubles at Herne Bay Ponsonby Rackets Club and Pompallier Lawn Tennis Club, and later made their way to Mercy Hospice

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FREE Life Story Service

Absolutely everyone, without exception,has a story worth telling. And while sharing your story might sound daunting, unnecessary, or like you’re blowing your own trumpet, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel heard and to leave their closing thoughts, reflections, and messages with the people that matter. Introducing Life Story: a free service from

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Let’s talk about grief

Louise Thompson, one of three counsellors at Mercy Hospice, talks to Mercy Matters about the challenges of experiencing grief and loss, especially around those big annual holidays, the benefits of counselling, and a surprising look at the challenges and gifts that grief can offer us all. Can you tell us how long you’ve been

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Where there is loss, there is gain

Dr Carol McAllum is the Director of Quality and Partnerships at Mercy Hospice. She is a palliative medicine specialist and continues to work as one of our senior doctors in the Inpatient Unit and the community. Thank you, Carol, for making time in your busy schedule to talk with us about your palliative care

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Remembering Together

In November, Mercy Hospice was privileged to host our annual remembrance service: The Space Between Us: Maumaharatange Memories. Like Lights to Remember, this year’s service was hosted on-site so that people could attend in person rather than the ‘live-streamed’ event that went ahead last year due to Covid. This was

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I’m leaving a gift in my Will to Mercy Hospice

In 2009, my late wife, Carol was a patient at Mercy Hospice. She was such a deeply humble person with a heart that cared so much for others. Yet Carol’s humility always amazed me because of how much personal loss she’d encountered in the space of just a few years. Tragically, when she was 38,

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Introducing Luca

Luca Bree has lived beside Grey Lynn Park for almost forty years and has seen many changes in that time. As an enthusiastic op shopper and single parent on a tight budget he was very pleased when the Ponsonby Hospice Shop opened, quickly becoming a regular customer. Recycling clothing, books and homeware fitted his ‘green’

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Mercy Hospice Ponsonby shop moves after 16 years

(L-R) Judy Maynard, Michelle Flatz, Brenda Valentine, Briar Wakelin, Dave Hale, Andrew Davidson. After 16 years the well-known local Mercy Hospice shop located at 300 Ponsonby Road has moved to its new abode, and luckily, it’s just a short stroll down the road to 346 Ponsonby Road. Last year, the shop was informed

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